You’ve Never Seen A Hospital Patient Like This Before. Seriously, OMG.

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Some things we see in this world blow our minds. One such thing is a Silverback Gorilla getting a routine cardiac workout at a veterinary school.

Thanks to a veterinarian student, atodaso, that’s exactly what you’re about to see. These photos are awesome.

Seeing this massive, extraordinary beast incapacitated is a sight in itself.

Knowing this animal could tear the entire room apart if he woke up is terrifying.

The student admitted it was a little scary, but the drugs were tested thoroughly so they knew it would be okay.

Gorillas are really prone to cardiac disease when in captivity, so this was a routine workup.

The student wrote, “We kept him intubated for as long as possible. Before we took him off of gas, we administered a good dose of an opiod to slow the recovery.”

“We also made sure to pad his recovery room if there was any dysphoria.”

What a magnificent creature.

One I would prefer to avoid.

And that enormous foot is one reason why.

Source: Reddit

Amazing. It almost makes me want to be a veterinary student. Almost.

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