YouTubers To Go Watch Now

The internet is an amazing place full of people making videos of themselves. Sometimes they sing. Sometimes they make jokes. You may have heard of some of them, but you just need to watch them.

1. ThatcherJoe

Video available at: / Via

ThatcherJoe (or Joe Sugg) is a hilarious YouTuber from Britian, who loves playing “Whispers.” Here is his latest video.

2. it’sGrace

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it’sGrace (formally DailyGrace), is someone that you have probably seen acting on shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Lowe’s commercials, or in her new movie Camp Takota. She’s awesome.

3. Tyler Oakley

Video available at: / Via

Tyler Oakley is a queen who, rightly so, loves One Direction. He is also a very passionate activist, supporting causes like The Trevor Project (an organization that works to prevent suicide in LGBTQ youth). Here’s one of his Q and Slays.

4. Caspar Lee

Video available at: / Via

Caspar is a cheeky South African 20-year-old who loves to mess with his roommate Joe (remember him?).

5. Tyler Ward

Video available at: / Via

Tyler is a singer-songwriter who got his start on YouTube. He is now signed to Sony Music Germany, he released his album “Honestly” in October, and he is currently on tour in Europe and the United States.

6. JacksGap

Video available at: / Via

JacksGap is run by British (beautiful) twins Jack and Finn Harries, and started off as a project for them during their gap year, but has developed into a full time project that they both left school to continue to pursue. Most of their videos are about things such as the mini series they did on “The Rickshaw Run,” however this video is plain fun.

7. Alex G

Video available at: / Via

Alex G is (another) singer-songwriter that started off making covers on YouTube, but has become a huge hit on the internet. Her debut album is slated for release later this year. Plus she has 2 other channels, one vlog channel, and a makeup channel.

8. Bonus: Alex G and Tyler Ward’s Vlog Channel

Video available at: / Via

These two are apparently great friends, which is awesome for us because now they make hilarious videos about anything and everything.

9. Jim Chapman

Video available at: / Via

In only watching this video, it’s easy to see that Jim is a hopeless romantic, but it’s awkward because we’re wrong. He’s engaged! But we can look at him and imagine that he’s not and pretend that he’s an awkward, hopeless romantic.

10. Zoella

Video available at: / Via

Zoella is the cutest person alive, and I mean it. Zoella (who is Joe Sugg’s sister!) is a beauty guru who regularly collabs with other YouTubers. Plus, she doesn’t shy away from serious topics (her latest video was about how she suffers from anxiety and panic attacks).

11. Marcus Butler

Video available at: / Via

Marcus is…. I have no idea how to describe him. Just watch this video of him and his girlfriend Niomi. Aren’t they absolutely adorable?!

12. vlogbrothers

Video available at: / Via

If you don’t know who John Green is, you must live under a rock. John Green is the author of multiple books, but his latest (and most popular of them all) is The Fault In Our Stars, which was recently adapted into an amazing movie. His brother Hank however, you may not be as familiar with. Hank is a musician, and together they run numerous YouTube channels, as well as lead their fans (Nerdfighters). Plus they make videos on pretty much anything. I must say though, they don’t make videos together (which is super weird, but whatever. The videos are still awesome.), but I found one, even if Hank is barely in it. Go me.

13. Bonus: The YouTube Boyband

Video available at: / Via

Caspar, Joe, Marcus, Jim, and Alfie (more on him later) started this boyband for Sport Relief (a charity in the UK), but I’m pretty sure this video was an excuse to make a video of them all singing. Either way, it’s awesome. (By the way, Joe = awesome singer and Jim = awesome dancer)

14. PointlessBlog

Video available at: / Via

Alfie is just plain funny, plus he’s dating Zoella, no matter how many times they say they aren’t dating in their videos.

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