Wonderfully Creative Groomsmen Photos Make Wedding Photos Awesome Again.

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Once you get old enough, weddings may begin to bore you. In your youth, they were all about celebrating true love and getting a little too drunk in front of your friends. A decade later? You’ll focus on if you can bring your kids and just how late the reception will run. When you see what these epic wedding parties did for their photos, especially the groomsmen, you’ll feel rejuvenated. These people obviously know how to have fun and take things lightly. Not only that, but their creativity is off of the charts.

1.) Gaming: important before and after marriage.

2.) Nothing says romance like Port-O-Potty photos.

3.) Ugh, what beach bums.

4.) Hopefully this isn’t him being passive aggressive.

5.) I see we have some Steven Spielberg fans among us.

6.) Wedding brawls are the best brawls.

7.) The folks in Believeland, Ohio are ready to get married! (Let’s just hope his bachelor party wasn’t in South Beach).

8.) Ahhh, romance.

9.) This groom runs a tight ship.

10.) Men: the heroes in our lives.

11.) OMG OMG OMG OMG!11!1!1

12.) No explanation needed. I think.

13.) OHHH, shucks!

14.) What’s more impressive, the jumping or the sheer size of the wedding party?

15.) Just waiting for their own special day, d’awwww.

16.) Time to get married. Let’s drink!

17.) Oh, boys.

18.) … huh… well… ummm….


Nothing is more endearing than seeing a bunch of smartly dressed young men be hilarious. The bride marrying each groom was one lucky lady.

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This just can’t be missed.

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