Wife jailed after stabbing husband with ceramic squirrel

Seriously now.  Helen Ann Williams is accused of hitting her husband with a ceramic squirrel.

A North Charleston woman is in jail after police say she stabbed her husband with a ceramic squirrel.

According to the police report, Helen Ann Williams attacked her husband on Christmas Day after he failed to bring beer back to the house.


Police said they were dispatched to the home and found the victim with a large amount of blood on his face.

When police asked Williams what happened to her husband, she first said that he fell and cut himself, but then told officers more.

Williams said her common-law spouse went to a store to find beer, but they store was closed. When he returned home and began making a sandwich, Williams allegedly took a ceramic squirrel and stabbed him in his shoulder and chest.

Williams was arrested and charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature.

Credit to News 2 South Carolina



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