Why You Need To Experience Sonic At Some Point In Your Life

2. You’ve probably seen one of their commercials, even if you haven’t actually been to a Sonic.

3. It’s one of the world’s great mysteries.

6. At Sonic everything is part of the experience. Ordering is fun!

7. And your waiters deliver your food on ROLLER SKATES.

8. Which you get to eat IN YOUR CAR.

9. Or next to your horse?

10. Sonic has one of the craziest menus around.

You can actually order almost anything your heart desires.

11. They have 398,929 drink combinations.

12. And that’s not even including the milkshakes!

13. But here’s the real reason everyone loves Sonic. HAPPY HOUR. EVERY DAY.

14. Which means you can get a Route 44 CHERRY LIMEADE for a little over a DOLLAR!

15. Can anyone say?

16. And let’s not forget about the ice. There’s nothing as good as SONIC ICE.

Like small crunchy, bites of happiness.

17. Well nothing except SONIC TATER TOTS.

18. All fast food restaurants should be required to carry tots on their menu. For the good of humanity.

19. Sonic brings together all the things you want most in life in one place. Onion rings.

Aka tots, onion rings and fries.

20. Insanely inventive hot dogs.

Yes, that is guacamole on a hot dog.

21. Awesome grilled cheese sandwiches.

22. Themed burgers.

23. And breakfast burritos WITH TOTS INSIDE THEM.

25. It brings joy to everyone around.

26. No matter if you’re young.

27. Or young at heart.

28. Happy Sonicing!

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