Why Baking Kneads Paul Hollywood

1. Baking used to be a bit, well… dull.

2. But then Paul carried a cake like this.

3. And teamed up with Mary Berry.

Who’s pretty much the Queen of baking.

4. And they did stuff like this together.

5. And got these two in on the act.

6. Which meant they could make jokes like this while Paul tried not to laugh.

7. And he and Mary judged people’s baking.

9. And we all realised how much we loved baking.

Taylor Swift even bakes, with Kelly Osbourne!

10. And people started saying things like this.

11. And getting emotional over their bakes.

12. And once this happened with Bake Off winner John.

13. And he allowed Mel and Sue to make jokes like this at his expense.

14. He flings flour around like no one else.

Worktop cleanliness be damned!

15. His kneading powers are legendary.

Demonstrating here on Jonathan Ross. Candlelight optional.

16. And makes things that look this good.

More delicious things can be seen here.

17. Paul Hollywood, thank you for encouraging the baking!

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