Which Member Of One Direction Should You Marry?

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    1. Pascal Le Segretain / Getty

      Kim Kardashian.

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      Kendall Jenner.

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      Kylie Jenner.

    1. John Parra / Getty

      Kourtney Kardashian.

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      Khloé Kardashian.

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      The triangle.

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      The maracas.

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    1. Chester pudding.

    2. Scollop butty.

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      Pork pie.

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      A Yorkshire pudding.

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      A soda farl.

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      A yacht.

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      A rowing boat.

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      A sailing boat.

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      A cruise liner.

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      An ark.

Which Member Of One Direction Should You Marry?

  1. You got:

    Harry Styles.

    OK so not only are you are going to marry to fittest member of One Direction, but you’re also going to inherit the coolest set of friends ever (oh hey, Rita Ora, Cara Delevingne and Daisy Lowe). What a result.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty

  2. You got:

    Zayn Malik.

    SUCH AN EXCELLENT RESULT. You’re meant to judge boys by how they treat their mothers, and Zayn bought hers a house. PERFECT MAN, PERFECT MAN, PERFECT MAN.

    Jason Merritt / Getty

  3. You got:

    Louis Tomlinson.

    OMG can you even begin to imagine how blissful your married life is going to be? Every morning, you are going to wake up and look into Louis’ eyes. And then he will look right back into yours. You’re never going to be sad again.

    Jason Merritt / Getty

  4. You got:

    Niall Horan.

    You’re marrying the cheekiest chap ever. Welcome to a lifetime of laughter, idyllic trips to Ireland and being serenaded by a fittie with a guitar. Enjoy.

    Gareth Cattermole / Getty

  5. You got:

    Liam Payne.

    Awh, Liam. Awh, beautiful Liam. Awh, talented, beautiful Liam WHO YOU ARE GOING TO MARRY. Congrats, you’ve scored.

    Jason Merritt / Getty


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