Which “Living Single” Character Are You?

Which “Living Single” Character Are You?

  1. You got:

    Khadijah James!

    You’re an ambitious, over-achieving, extra fly workaholic. You’re fiercely independent, almost to a fault – you’d sometimes rather fail than ask for help, but in the end, your will to win conquers all. Your friends value you you because you tell it like it is, even when they don’t want to hear it. You go boy/girl!

  2. You got:

    Synclaire James!

    You’re fun loving, artistic, and annoyingly optimistic. You always see the good in everyone and everything, and though your friends may grumble, they know they can count on you to lift their spirits when it counts. With a smile as your umbrella and the company of a Treasure Troll or two, you’re ready for any weather.

  3. You got:

    Regine Hunter!

    You are nearly too fabulous for words. Your friends mistake your penchant for the finer things in life for shallowness and superficiality, but what do they know? You know your worth and expect it delivered to you on a silver platter. Sure you could get it yourself… but why?

  4. You got:

    Maxine Shaw!

    You are a freakin’ maverick! You’re outspoken, opinionated, and you don’t have time for the mushy stuff. Your tough exterior has two purposes: to launch you far ahead in the game, and to keep you safe along the way. But you’re a loyal friend, and the ones who matter know that you’re a secret softie.

  5. You got:

    Kyle Barker!

    You are worldly, cultured, and sophisticated. “Luxury” and “pleasure” are your middle names; fine Italian leather shoes, meals at five-star restaurants, and gorgeous new dates every night are par for the course for you. You’ll slow and settle down one day, but until then, you’re too good looking and electrifying to deprive the world of your company.

  6. <li class="quiz_result has_result_image" style="display:none" rel:range_start="0" rel:range_end="0" rel:name="Overton Wakefield Jones!" rel:id="561754" data-id="561754" rel:description="You&rsquo;re a practical, low maintenance lover of life. All you need for a good time is a cold beer, a good game on TV, and the company of the people you love. You&rsquo;re not moved by price tags or status. What is important to you is comfort, functionality, and feeling. Go with the f

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