Which Broadway Diva Are You?

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You’re the greatest star, but no one knows it.

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Which Broadway Diva Are You?

  1. You got: Angela Lansbury

    You are the sweetheart in everybody’s lives, but you also totally have a dark side. And it’s wonderful. You at once make people feel cuddly and happy but you can also offer up some seriously morbid jokes — the best of both worlds!

    Via dlisted.com

  2. You got: Ethel Merman

    You leave a lasting impression wherever you go, your name on everybody’s lips long after you’ve left the room. You are a fresh burst of energy, always brightening up your surroundings with your incredible sense of humor.

    Via rianbodner.com

  3. You got: Carol Channing

    You are both romantic and quirky, and your electric personality attracts likeminded people. You’re great at letting other people have the spotlight too, because your confidence allows you to share the attention with your equally-amazing friends.

    Via rottentomatoes.com

  4. You got: Gwen Verdon

    You are effortlessly sexy and absolutely bewitching. You have an amazing and enviable self-confidence which fascinates everyone around you. Daaaaaamn.

    Via bway2hlwd.blogspot.com

  5. You got: Lea Michele

    You live for the spotlight and aren’t afraid to speak your mind. You were born to be a star and the best part is, you totally know it. The sky’s the limit with you!

    Via hawtcelebs.com

  6. You got: Elaine Stritch

    You are a constant surprise and a bonafide badass. You’re also always working to be the best you can be and pushing yourself past your own limits. You rule. Enough said.

    Via en.wikipedia.org

  7. You got: Patina Miller

    You are wise beyond your years and have already accomplished so much in your life. People are in constant awe of your talent and hard work, as well as your maturity.

    Via catchingfiremovienews.com

  8. You got: Bebe Neuwirth

    You have a penchant for the slightly darker things in life, which makes you stand out in a cool way. You are as entrancing as they come and everyone wants to hang out with you.

    Via crosswordfiend.com

  9. You got: Sutton Foster

    You are an unabashed perfectionist and frequently stun people with your professionalism. You’re also incredibly fun to be around and tend to bring people up when they’re around you. You’re a phenomenal, inspirational human and don’t ever forget that!

    Via goldderby.com

  10. You got: Audra McDonald

    Your inner strength is impressive to all around you, and you have a thoughtful sensitivity that everyone around you appreciates. You have the ability to connect strongly with nearly anyone, which is undoubtedly a rare gift.

    Via zimbio.com

  11. You got: Chita Rivera

    You are a pioneer, refusing to be bound by any conventions. You take each opportunity as it comes to you and inspire people with your ability to unwaveringly follow your dreams. Seriously, you’re amazing!

    Via chitarivera.com

  12. You got: Lea Salonga

    You’re the loveliest of humans. You are polite and kind as you are strong-willed and perseverant. Seriously, you’re basically a real-life Disney heroine, only waaaay better. Keep on being your enchanting, wonderful self!

    Via pinoytvpolice.blogspot.com

  13. You got: Laura Benanti

    You’re incredibly intelligent and choose to pursue experiences that will shift your perceptions of life in new and interesting ways. You are always willing to explore a new perspective and will never box yourself up in any way.

    Via flavorwire.com

  14. You got: Sierra Boggess

    You are impossibly kind and romantic, always inspiring only the best emotions in the people around you. You add a spark of magic to the world because of your optimism, and the world desperately needs more people like you.

    Via filmtvcasting.wordpress.com

  15. You got: Donna Murphy

    You are always up for any challenge, and you have the talent of fitting in to almost any situation with no problem. You are always ready to commit to a project and your determination towards achieving your goals makes you the envy of all your friends.

    Via broadway.com

  16. You got: Jennifer Holliday

    You are simply unforgettable, always making a statement wherever you go. You’re also super classy and sophisticated, commanding attention in only the most elegant of ways.

    Via soulmusic.com

  17. You got: Kristin Chenoweth

    You are sugar-sweet, radiating a positive energy that people really crave. But you’re also insanely versatile and adventurous, proving that you can do just about anything ever.

    Via rickey.org

  18. You got: Julie Andrews

    You are literally impossible to hate. You are graceful, charming, funny, kind — the list goes on! You’re secretly everyone’s favorite person.

    Via highdefdiscnews.com

  19. You got: Idina Menzel

    You know you’re THE QUEEN, right? Do we even have to talk about it? No? Good. Keep on ruling the universe.

    Via rickey.org

  20. You got: Patti LuPone

    You are delightfully sharp and can be as hilarious as you can be deep. No matter what you’re doing, you always command attention and make a statement, turning heads wherever you go. You are unstoppable.

    Via theatermania.com

  21. You got: Bernadette Peters

    You’re a go-getter who isn’t afraid to try it all (especially since you normally succeed.) Your versatility blows people away and your emotional intelligence makes you see the beauty in things that may otherwise be overlooked. You’re also essentially Stephen Sondheim’s BFF, so own it!

    Via tvguide.com

  22. You got: Vanessa Williams

    You are the kind of person who pretty much excels at anything they try and makes it look super easy, but deep down, you know that all your success is due to your constant hard work and relentless perfectionism.

    Via fanpop.com

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