What Twitter Bios Say Vs What They Actually Mean

Views my own.

1. Dull job followed by list of increasingly bizarre hobbies

Dull job followed by list of increasingly bizarre hobbies

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Via flickr Jon Åslund / en.wikipedia.org / Jo Barrow

“Bet you’ve never met an accountant as CRAZY as me. HahahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHA. oh god please like me”

2. All tweets my own. RTs =/= endorsements (journalist)

All tweets my own. RTs =/= endorsements (journalist)

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Via Yuri Samilox flickr/ en.wikipedia.org / Jo Barrow

“My opinions are so well thought out and articulated that you might think that they are those of The Telegraph, but fear not, humble reader, I am just a man.”

3. Tweets my own. RTs not endorsements (everyone else)

Tweets my own. RTs not endorsements (everyone else)

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Via creative commons / Jo Barrow

“Everyone important had it, I just wanted to fit in.”

4. Desperate soon-to-be graduate

Desperate soon-to-be graduate

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Via Jair Alcon flickr / en.wikipedia.org / Jo Barrow

“Please notice / hire me. Find me manual retweeting the headlines with one word responses. Technically, not a freelance journalist.” (See also: future PR/ Politics/ Finance etc)

5. The Uber-Optimist

The Uber-Optimist

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Via Claudia Regina flickr/ BK flickr / Jo Barrow

“This bio is the only part of my life I actually have any control of right now.”

6. I do something

I do something

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Via Emilian Robert Vicol flickr / en.wikipedia.org / Jo Barrow

“I am paid a lot to do this.”

7. Gin Drinker

Gin Drinker

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Via timothy krayse flickr/ creative commons / Jo Barrow

“I don’t even like the taste, just the feeling of superiority.”

8. Self-Righteously Aggressive

Self-Righteously Aggressive

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Via flickr aaron kawai/ Facebook: whoneedsfeminism / Jo Barrow

“This is my warning to you that I will furiously attack you for any perceived infraction of my beliefs.” (See also: unapologetic conservative)

9. Corporate Stooge

Corporate Stooge

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Via jseliger2 Flickr/ creative commons / Jo Barrow

“My boss makes me have this account so I am only here to RT company tweets and join in with conference hashtags. #synergy”

10. Team Followback

Team Followback

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Via flickr the photography muse/ flickr zennia abraham / Jo Barrow

“My declarations of love for popstars regularly receive hundreds more RTs than your ‘hilarious’ social commentary ever will.”

11. Lists


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Via flickr phillipe putt / touchstone pictures / Jo Barrow

“This seemingly random, but actually agonisingly curated list of things I like represents the absolute essence of who I am. I don’t just like Wes Anderson films. I am Wes Anderson films.”

12. Basic


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Via flickr .jocelyn / flickr amberambrose / Jo Barrow

“Oh my god! You love coffee too?! You simply MUST see the filters I’ve put on my lunch.”

13. The Inspirer

The Inspirer

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Via flickr garry night / en.wikipedia.org / Jo Barrow

“I like my philosophy in under 140 characters and generated by twitter bots.”

14. OTT Sports Fan

OTT Sports Fan

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Via flickr steve k / flickr wonker / Jo Barrow

“Sport hooliganism belongs to the internet now.”

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