What This Guy Came Home To Would Be An Absolute Nightmare. And ‘Who’ Did It Is Even Worse.

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Leaving your home to go on a vacation or business trip can be stressful. You may worry about leaving the lights on, locking the door or setting the alarm. Lots of people avoid going on trips just because of the stresses that are waiting at home. Thankfully, most people will never have to experience what happened to this guy. He left his home to go on a very short trip. When he returned… it was a disaster.

No, there wasn’t a party. A drunk teen didn’t come crashing through the ceiling.

This was all the work of a raccoon family.

A crazy, crazy raccoon family.

Cupboards and shelves were emptied out by the hungry little critters.

And the creatures left their adorable, thieving pawprints everywhere.

It’s frankly amazing that they knew how to disassemble a coffee maker.

Over. Whelming. Mess.

Unfortunately, a box of fun-sized candies were left over from an event and stored in the living room. The racoons had something to say about that.

See that? This is a bedroom floor. It was entirely covered in trash. The raccoons burst open (and spread) the bedroom’s trash bag. With flair.

And just to rub salt in his wounds, the raccoons found his Christmas ornaments in a different closet. They made sure to send him a message.

They may not seem like much, but raccoons are some of the cleverest pests on earth. Not only that, but they’re fierce and travel in packs. If you ever come across some raccoons in a dark alley, you might want to go the other way… or else they may follow you home and wreck your house. (Well, maybe not.) Source: Reddit

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