What It’s Like Discussing “Scandal” On Friday Mornings With Your Co-Workers

1. You can’t believe what you watched last night.

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Partially because, as you’ll find out later on, some of it was very misleading.

2. So, you rush to get to work on time because you’ve already waited 12 hours to discuss.

ABC / Via Emily Orley / BuzzFeed

And you’re desperately waiting for others to arrive so you can debrief.

3. When a co-worker tries to talk to you about something non-Scandal, you just can’t deal.

4. Finally, everyone is here. Let’s talk about this crazy shit.

Gather in the conference room (or your boss’ office). This is a very important meeting.

5. At first, you’re all just really confused.

But seriously, WTF is going on? Can anyone please explain all these plot lines?

6. And you don’t know where to start.



Woah Mellie. Also, Liv’s mom! And what is up with Quinn?

7. So you start with the (somewhat) basic questions: Who’s good? Who’s bad?

8. Who’s dead? Who’s alive?


9. You start to piece together everything that happened in those 40+ minutes.



Summary: A LOT.

10. All those things you thought were true last week? NOPE!

And OMG, you forgot about that storyline. And that one! We need a pen and paper.

11. As you start talking, you relive the emotions all over again.

12. Suddenly, everyone needs to sit down because it’s all a tad overwhelming.



Grab a chair.

13. You feel like you can’t breathe.


14. You’re too shocked to think coherently.

15. You need hugs.


16. Tears of anger, sadness, frustration, and sheer confusion overcome you.


17. Sometimes, you’re all on the same page; but other times, you have intense opinions about what Shonda Rhimes is doing.

18. You really understand why Olivia drinks so much.

ABC / Via Emily Orley / BuzzFeed

And could use a glass yourself, despite it being 10 a.m.

19. (Also, at some point, you talk about Olivia’s outfits.)



20. You start to guess what will come next week.

Clearly, Shonda is capable of anything. CLEARLY.

21. And by the end, you feel like you’ve overcome so much that you could sign up for B613.

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Well, maybe not. But you definitely call them your co-gladiators instead of co-workers.

22. You emerge from the room, emotionally spent.


23. Bravo, Shonda. Bravo.

24. Until next week.

It’s exhausting, but also amazing. Totally worth it.

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