What Is Carnage Magaluf And Why Are Teenagers Performing Sex Acts For Drinks At A Spanish Resort?

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The world was horrified by footage that went viral recently of an Irish tourist performing oral sex on 24 men in exchange for a free cocktail.

1. What is Carnage Magaluf?

What is Carnage Magaluf?

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Carnage Magaluf is an events company based on the Spanish resort island of Majorca. It’s one of a handful of party-planning agencies in the area, and offers several event packages for tourists coming to the island. Most of its clientele are teenagers from either the UK or Ireland.

2. What does it do?

What does it do?

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It offers bar crawls, boat parties, and an event it calls a Jungle Session. According to its website, a Jungle Session is a 12a.m.–4a.m. nightclub party that comes with free body painting and celebrity guests. Carnage Magaluf offers all three parties for £80, which is around $140. Allegedly, many girls are pressured into performing sex acts for the crowd by Carnage Magaluf DJs.

3. Is it connected to the other “Carnage” parties in the UK?

Is it connected to the other "Carnage" parties in the UK?

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Facebook: CarnageUKLiverpool

Apparently, Carnage UK and Carnage Magaluf are not connected at all. Carnage UK is a company that organises drinking events for students at various universities around the UK. It was originally started by students at the University of Birmingham. Carnage Magaluf is reportedly run by a man named Danny Daly, a middle-aged party promoter from the East End in London.

4. What is #MagalufGirl?

What is #MagalufGirl?

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Last Thursday, a shocking video surfaced of a young female tourist from Northern Ireland performing oral sex on more than 20 men in a bar in Magaluf, a holiday resort on the island. The girl was reportedly promised a “holiday” in exchange for performing sex acts, only to discover afterwards that Holiday was the name of a cocktail that cost €3.

5. What was the reaction?

What was the reaction?

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The Sun Newspaper

#MagalufGirl started trending and turned into a meme on UK Twitter. Many users said the video was disgusting and embarrassing. British tabloids ran screenshots of the viral video on the front page and a debate over slut shaming erupted.

6. Is she OK?

Is she OK?

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According to the Irish Mirror, she’s an 18-year-old from County Armagh. After the video went viral, the girl’s name unfortunately leaked on social media. She went into hiding and her parents told the Mirror that they’ve forgiven her.

“She went into the world and it got the better of her,” they said. “We need protection in this world and somehow she dropped her godly protection for a moment.”

7. Did Carnage Magaluf respond?

carnagemagalluf @Carnagemagalluf

We are not responsible for the girls actions.The girl and her 8 friends bought tickets for the next BARCRAWL as they said it was AMAZING!

carnagemagalluf @Carnagemagalluf

All you need to do is look at the video and you can see she clearly isn't drunk and knows what she is doin. Definitely not forced in any way

Carnage Magaluf tweeted about the incident, said that she wasn’t drunk or coerced and that she went on a bar crawl with the promoters the next day. According to the Mirror, they had the video on their phones and were bragging about it to passersby.

10. How popular is this sort of thing?


Magaluf is a pretty popular destination for young UK tourists. Typically, young people visit the island between the ages of 16 and 18, looking to party while on summer break. It’s known as a place where British teenagers can really let loose, with many bars in the area offering incredibly cheap deals for alcohol. Its popularity has been the source of a lot of controversy in the British media.

11. Does it happen anywhere else?

Does it happen anywhere else?

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There are a few other Mediterranean resorts where UK tourists go on holiday that have similar reputations. Kavos (Greece) and Sunny Beach (Bulgaria) are so notorious, there’s a reality show about them. Kos (Greece), Faliraki (Rhodes) and Ayia Napa (Cyprus) can be similarly rowdy.

12. Is there anything being done to change any of this?


After the #MagalufGirl video, many celebrities are canceling their appearances at the resort. Also, Balearics government spokesman Nuria Riera said politicians on the island were left speechless by the footage. Riera said British tourists have an education problem and that the area will be trying to shut down bars that break the law.

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