What Does Your Favorite Junk Food Say About Your Sex Life?

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What Does Your Favorite Junk Food Say About Your Sex Life?

  1. You got: You’re a sticky surprise

    Much like a Twinkie, your sex life is one sticky surprise. People might think they know what they’re getting into when they unwrap you, but once they work their way to your core, you’re a mouthful. You have a shelf-life of like a million years, so no matter what your age, you’ll be able to give anyone a heart attack with the taste of your sticky sweet.

  2. You got: You’re finger lickin’ good

    When it comes to your sex life, you love to lure people in with your innocent, cheesy nature. You know what people crave and you know how to deliver, leaving them with dirty fingers so tempting to lick. But hey, it’s not your fault everyone wants to get Frito-laid by you.

  3. You got: You’re wonderfilled

    Whether someone is craving a double stuffing or a wonder-filled night, you know how to leave a taste in someone’s mouth that they’ll surely remember. Although everyone has a different way of enjoying you, you know the best way is to save your filling for last. Oh, and not to boost your ego, but everyone totally wants to ride your Nabisco stick.

  4. You got: You’re flavorful

    Because you come in a variety of different flavors, you can satisfy almost every craving someone might have. You’re not afraid to try new things and let almost anything go on top of you. You’re always up for a good, old-fashioned filling.

  5. You got: You’re a salty surprise

    You’re anything but sweet between the sheets. Your salty surprises never fail to leave your lovers thirsty once you’re through with them. You’re wafflely addicting, as it’s nearly impossible to get just a taste of you. Be careful, sometimes you’re a little too hot to handle.

  6. You got: You’re saucy

    You’re incredibly confident when it comes to sex, because who wouldn’t want a slice of something so mouthwatering? Aldough you know how to fill someone up in one sitting, most love to enjoy your leftovers for days after you’ve delivered. In the oven or out, you know how to make every moment saucy.

  7. You got: You’re finger melting

    Once someone gets their hands on you, it’s almost impossible to not unwrap you completely. Some might call you shallow because only the hot ones make you melt. If someone has a sweet tooth for you, they better be prepared for a chocoLATE night.

  8. You got: You’re mouthwatering

    You’re fairly simple when it comes to your sexual endeavors. Not to be corny, but you know what makes you pop and that’s that. You love it when others butter you up and use their fingers with you. Once you’re warmed up, anyone daring enough can make you burst.

  9. You got: You’re 100% lickable

    Is there a tongue that wouldn’t lick you all over? Probably not, because you’re the perfect dessert after a long day. Some might call you vanilla, but you’re not afraid to bring the whipped cream into the bedroom to spice things up. When you’re finished with someone, all that’s left is a sticky, liquid mess.

  10. You got: You’re out of the bag

    Whoever lets you out of the bag better know what they’re getting themselves into. You’re loud, especially when someone starts to enjoy enjoy your seasoning. You’re messy to enjoy, but who wouldn’t want to enjoy you? Once you pop the fun don’t stop.

  11. You got: You’re batter to bone

    In the bedroom, you’re the perfect mixture of hard and soft. Some people don’t know how to enjoy your zest without making a mess, but that won’t stop them from trying to put a ring on your finger so they can make you all theirs.

  12. You got: You’re corny

    To put it bluntly, you know how to stick it someone. Although you come across as confident, you have a corny layer to you that’s completely lovable. Because you’re rarely enjoyed plain, you know how how to make a condoment fun.

  13. You got: You’re salivating

    Although you come across like a sweet fluff ball, behind closed doors, you have yet to leave a lover with a dry mouth. You have a way about you that knows how to stimulate the taste buds. Sure you can be a little sticky at times, but that’s just more of you for everyone to enjoy.

  14. You got: You’re tierfully tasty

    You’re so damn good between the sheets, you often leave your lovers in tiers. You know how to be sweet, but you’re not afraid to let someone lick your icing off. Although you love it when others take control and blow out your candles, they better keep wishing if they want another piece of you.

  15. You got: You’re healthy 🙁

    Why did you even come here? You probably just have sex for the exercise.


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