Watch Siskel And Ebert’s Adorable Door-To-Door Pranks

It’s the summer of 1996 and David Letterman on his supposed “day off” decides to take Siskel and Ebert out to the wilds of New Jersey to meet its inhabitants. This is so random. And so cute and hilarious.

2. Let us review the highlights…

3. Siskel and Ebert clean out some lady’s gutters. They’re probably so happy to be doing this in suits on a summer afternoon.

4. Then they visit this woman who is pretty wary about letting them into her house.

5. But she’s fine with having the trio accompany her to the funeral home.

6. They take a break to check for ticks.

7. One of the more involved visits: Siskel and Ebert groom local mustaches.

8. So how was it? Ebert doesn’t give out rave reviews for New Jersey outings.

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