Top 10 Brilliant Movie Recuts

Because it is Saturday I decided to do a list I have been wanting to do for a very long time. This is a list of movie trailers that have been recut by amateurs to change their genre. For example, a horror movie might be recut to make it a romantic comedy. I can spend all day watching these so I hope that all the listverse readers will enjoy this list as much as I enjoyed the hours picking out the entries.

This one has a slightly offputting voice-over, but I have included it because one slightly NSFW moment made me laugh out loud. See if you can work out which scene it is.

Here we see Willy Wonka in quite a different light from the books and films. Just when you thought Gene Wilder couldn’t be more sinister in the role, you are proven wrong.

This is a film all geeks love. Here we see the a comedy turned into a psychological thriller.

This is actually the second recut by the same person – the first one is also excellent but it doesn’t allow embedding. If you want to view that too, you can find it here. Both are recut to be horror movies.

This brilliant recut shows how a skilled editor can totally transform a film with virtually no changes except the music.

No need to close your eyes in terror during this one – this is a very well done recut of the Ring to make it appear to be a tearjerker.

This is another straight movie turned gay. It is hilarious and extremely well done. If you like this one, you should also check out Brokeback to the Future, Meet Joe Brokeback, and The Empire Brokeback. We could do nearly an entire list based on brokeback recuts.

Frankly, it doesn’t take a lot of recutting to make Top Gun appear to be a gay movie, but here we have it anyway – from a military film to a gay romance.

Here is our favorite horror movie recut as a romantic comedy. It just goes to show how clever film editors can be and why we so often see a film trailer we love for a film we hate. In this recut they even manage to include the bathroom scene with the dead lady!

This is the recut that got the whole thing going. It is quite well known (for reasons that are obvious when you see how good it is). Enjoy.

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