This Week’s “Scandal” Went Out With A Bang


Warning: HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD! Shonda Rhimes is now a murderer like all of her characters. Because that episode just killed us all.

Just when you thought Vice President Langston was about to get assassinated, someone else ended up on the wrong end of a gun.

In Scandal’s March 13 episode, Jake Ballard (Scott Foley), aka Command, shot two women and then turned the gun on David Rosen (Josh Malina) and/or James Novak (Dan Bucatinsky). In the final moment of the unlucky 13th episode of Season 3, titled “No Sun on the Horizon,” a gunshot sounded over a black screen.

And now all Gladiators are wondering is #WhoGotShot.

This Week's "Scandal" Went Out With A Bang

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ABC / Via Emily Orley / BuzzFeed

3. Calling the last 30 seconds of the episode shocking is an understatement.

SuperWoman @_LaLovely

Can somebdy find my jaw tho !?? #scandal

4. Emotions ran high for everyone watching.

Becky Wise @GladiatorBecky

WTF just happened I need a hug #Scandal

5. And understandably, no one wanted to go through it alone.

Andrea Bain @AndreaMBain

I'm going to start watching #Scandal with a support group and yes someone will have to hold my hand for the entire show

6. And because seven whole days is way too long to wait, predictions came pouring out.

Mindy Haltiwanger @westwingwolf

If one dies, they both have to die or else the shooter will be outed. So maybe neither dies? Yeah, I don't believe it either. #Scandal

Viet Nguyen @MrVietNguyen

James is dead, the way Cyrus was talking to him like it was last time but the writers might of set that up for us to think that way #scandal

Jon Haywood @jontarius

I hope y'all know that was David Rosen that just got offed. He's been screwing with the “process” this whole season. #Scandal

9. Some of which could actually work in Shondaland.

M.J. @mjsaidwhat87

I'm going to guess Jake is going to leave those two alive and fake their death. Then maybe they join his team. #Scandal

Kelly Wilkerson @GladiatorKel

Quinn shot the two reporters. Jake came up and shot Quinn. James AND David are alive. Boom. #DeclareIt #whoGotShot

Michael Shay Maddox @msmgobama

#WhoGotShot my guess: James got shot and David is part of B613 now.

12. But theories aren’t enough. We need answers!

Cara Lane @CairoAlexandria

Every generation has their important questions… #WhoGotShot = #WhoShotJR

13. The cast of the show was just as stunned!

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