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This Multi-Talented Bear Has To Be A Human In A Bear Suit

1. First this bear was just running through and under this man’s legs:

2. Then he was like, “YOU KNOW WHAT, I’M GONNA CLAP.”

3. Then he whipped out a horn and started PLAYING IT.

4. But then was like, “FUCK IT I CAN PLAY STANDING!”

5. After being amazing at the horn he starts TWIRLING THIS CHAIR like a professional chair twirler.

6. Then sat on it.

7. And started doing amazing macarena moves like it was NBD.

8. Then he picked up the chair and walked like an ACTUAL HUMAN.

9. And put his arm around this guy like they were best bros:

10. Then he started HULA HOOPING around his neck..NOT EVEN HUMANS CAN DO THAT.

11. And then Hula Hooped some more. OMG. He’s amazing.

12. Here’s the whole video:

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/this-multi-talented-bear-has-to-be-a-human-in-a-bear-suit



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