This Mash-Up Of “Star Wars” And “Coming To America” Is Hilarious

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Turns out when you take dialogue spoken by King Jaffe Joffer, and give it to Darth Vader, it’s really quite amusing. James Earl Jones played both characters, of course. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1407755865); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3414427”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1407755865); });

Joel Gustafsson took a video by St Sanders that looped James Earl Jones’ dialogue from 1988 comedy Coming to America over scenes from Star Wars, and expanded it to feature further scenes from the original trilogy.

The results are hilarious. Kudos, you guys.

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