This Is What Happens When Really Immature People Find Statues In Public.

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To enjoy life, you need to realize you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff… and you should publicly humiliate yourself as much as possible for the sake of a funny photo.

Sharing funny pictures is basically what Al Gore invented the Internet for, right? They’re the ultimate distraction from all of that boring “life” stuff. Not only that, but they give us a reason to smile on days when we’d rather pull out our hair. 

Therefore, creating hilarious photos is equally important. Not many people are up to the task of humiliating themselves in public, but those who are? They’re experts.

1.) Now who’s the REAL Man of Steel?

2.) His name is Pee Wee. Enough said.

3.) Batter up!

4.) Poor Spidey never stood a chance.

5.) Haha, ok kid. You’re #winning.

6.) Now that’s dedication to your craft.

7.) Oh but can’t leave out America’s true pastime…

8.) Hubba, hubba!

9.) Say cheeeeeese!

10.) I’m reporting this statue!

11.) Shhhhhh, don’t speak.

12.) Anteaters make great BFFs.

13.) Inappropriate… but still awesome.

14.) Well, ya don’t say?!

15.) You know, just practicing for our relay race later.

16.) Oh, my, GOSH.

17.) Our favorite show was cancelled? NOOOO!

(via Reddit)

The next time you see a statue in public, don’t just admire its form or the quality. Make a complete fool out of yourself.

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