This Is The Best “Homeland” Parody You’ll Ever See

1. Like the real show, Carrie the dog is obsessed with finding the identity of the C.I.A.’s turned agent. The bad dog, if you will.


2. She’s also still taking her meds, which is nice for Saul.


3. FYI, It’s considered polite by dogs everywhere to wrap medication in a sizable amount of cheese, random man in the video.


4. As you can see, Brody’s just as dramatic as usual with his terrorist plans and such!


5. Even the interrogation scene is precise! Look at the dog’s hand on the table, acting like a boss and such.


6. The dogs kiss and makeup just like the real characters!


7. I mean, look at this terrorist dog. Wut.


8. They use alcohol to handle their problems just like Carrie and Saul do.


9. The best part is the angsty Dana dog!


10. She hates life and wants to act like a sassy lady too.


11. The pup who plays Chris is the most adorable.


12. He poses the question we’ve always wanted to ask but instead decide to let these dogs figure out!


13. In the end, this parody was nothing short of ridiculously cute.


*That wine looks like real wine, no?

14. Watch the hilarious remake here!

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