This Creepy Abandoned Theme Park May Actually Be Where The Devil Comes To Play.

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There have been many compilations of photos of abandoned amusement parks going around lately, but do any of them actually have a past riddled with murder? If that’s what you truly want the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park in West Virginia can give you just that. Gather round and here the tale of the theme park with the prolific haunting record.

The story really begins way back in 1763. Mitchell Clay became the owner of the land Lake Shawnee now sits on, a business move that changed his life forever. While living there his son was killed by a tribe of Native Americans and his daughter eventually died of a knife wound from the attack. His other son was kidnapped by the tribe and burned at the stake. In one last act of revenge, Clay infiltrated their camp and killed several of their men before he too died by the natives’ hands.

In the 1920’s Conley T. Snidow bought the Clay farm and developed it into an amusement park. He build these swings, a ferris wheel and made the nearby available for swimming in. Sounds fun right?

Nope! Death! A little girl was killed when a truck backed up and entered the circle of swinging children.

Soon after, a little boy drowned while swimming in the pond.

Overall, at least six people lost their lives to Snidow’s attractions. The park had to be shut down.

The abandoned park is now legendary for being haunted. It has been featured in numerous tv paranormal investigation shows.

Many have claimed to have heard the ferris wheel seats creek and seen them tip with weight, as if they are still filled with children.

Some have actually seen the little girl in pink, staring visitors down and making them unable to move.

Well if you ever needed another reason to never go to West Virginia, here’s another! Give this a share on Facebook if you wanna get a jump on Halloween early this year. 

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