These 38 People Failed In Epically Painful Fashion. I Shouldn’t But I Laughed So Hard… LOL.

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Each and every one of us are going to make some pretty embarrassing mistakes in life. We all know that none of us are perfect, but that doesn’t make it any less mortifying when it happens. However, there is one way to make yourself feel better after massively failing at something… Just remind yourself of how bad it could have been. Just take a look at this supremely epic fails… at least this wasn’t you (and I’m so sorry if it was… seriously).

1.) Don’t mess with the llama, kid.

2.) She was ALMOST Martha Stewart.

3.) And this is the day she began fearing balloons.

4.) You just knew this was going to go wrong.

5.) So… was this the point?

6.) Leave it to the professionals.


8.) So. Much. OWW.

9.) He definitely had it coming.

10.) RUNNNN!

11.) Don’t be a show off.

12.) Did you hear what we said about the showoff thing?

13.) And that’s why you knock.

14.) Kitty isn’t having any of this.

15.) He just got pwned.


17.) Woah. Didn’t see THAT coming.

18.) This kid started a war.

19.) Gotta admit, this seems fun.

20.) No one said models are graceful.

21.) Owned by your own dog. 🙁

22.) What was the point of that?

23.) You got some speed on that thing at least.

24.) Showoffs never, ever prosper.

25.) That was almost impressive.

26.) Fish: 1, Man: 0

27.) What part of this sounded like a good idea?

28.) If you can’t run near pools, you definitely shouldn’t do this.

29.) NOOOOO!

30.) Epic. Fail.

31.) This sheep doesn’t approve of your moves.

32.) This chick can’t even sit right… awww.

33.) Well, at least it sounded fun in theory.


35.) Lets hope he didn’t buy this chair.

36.) NEVER trust a dolphin.

See? Things could always be worse. Share these hilarious fails with others!

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