These 25 Kids Took Destruction To A New Level Of Insanity. OMG, #13… Poor Mommy.

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Having a child in the family is an absolute blessing. Their little hands, feet and smiles can bring almost anyone out of a bad day. Unfortunately, the opposite is true as well. Any child can take the great day you’re having and turn it into a nightmare. It’s almost like children have a special “chaos” setting that they can just turn on and off. These kids in particular? They left it on.

1.) That couch didn’t need stuffing, right?

2.) I hope that isn’t permanent marker…

3.) That just makes the couch look nicer!

4.) Always use the wrist straps on the Wiimote. Always.

5.) Yikes, that’ll be fun to clean up.

6.) So. Many. Packing. Peanuts.

7.) So what exactly happened to the turkey?

8.) Hey buddy, how’d you get there?

9.) I think this face means “oopsie.”

10.) Well, we DID have a giant banana stuffed animal.

11.) Laptops aren’t safe around children. Nope.

12.) Neither are phones.

13.) Isn’t it cute how children love to poke things?

14.) Someone please grab a vacuum.

15.) Hm, I don’t think fish like eating black pepper…

16.) What can you use to get black paint out of an oriental rug?

17.) Seriously, laptops are their enemy.

18.) This was the mess found under a kid’s bed. Woah.

19.) Did little sister help you with your art project?

20.) That powder and lipstick combo is just to die for.

21.) Did you just do laundry, mommy?

22.) No one should let kids have access to flour.

23.) This toddler is a powdered formula addict.

24.) Packing peanuts always cause trouble.

25.) Clean my room? Nah, I’ll just destroy it instead.

(H/T HuffPost) Once these parents are done mourning the loss of their laptop/clean house/bag of flour/eyeball, they’ll probably laugh. For now, they’re probably just thinking “Why, oh, WHY did I have three kids?!” Share these hilarious, naughty children with others. Someone has to laugh over this stuff!

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