These 22 ‘Before And After’ Pet Photos Are The Best Thing You’ll See All Day. Guaranteed.

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Growing up with a best friend is a part of life that some people take for granted. Having a close companion is a gift… whether they are human or not. Since we age faster than animals, we can see our friends grow into adulthood. Sometimes, it’s shocking just how quickly they grow. Take some time to appreciate your animal friends by looking at this adorable “before and after” album. The good times go by so quickly!

Car rides are still adorable. (7 months later.)

That cat is still good at posing. (17 years later.)

What a hunk. (5 months later.)

This little guy survived the war. (5 months later.)

These two are majestic. (10 charming years later.)

Hey, he still fits! (6 months later.)

If I fits… I still sits. (6 months later.)

It just isn’t the same, buddy. (Then and now.)

You’re never too old for teddy bears. (Then and now.)

BFFs. (14 years later.)

He probably doesn’t live in a shoebox, still. (17 years later.)

Pillow friends are the best friends. (3 months later.)

Years later, they’re just as cool. (4 years later.)

I don’t think you fit anymore! (3 months later.)

All grown up and STILL adorable. (3 years later.)

This kitty was never amused by his antics. (12 years later.)

But mom, why can’t I sleep here? (1 year later.)

Hold me, I hear thunder. (10 years later.)

Whatcha cooking? Huh? (1 year later.)

The sink: always a good bed. (6 months later.)

You are never too old for sleep overs. (16 years later.)

Giddyup, human! (Then and now.)

Via Bored Panda Watching our dear animal friends grow old doesn’t have to be sad, because you can be there for them every step of the way. You know they are always there for you! Share this special gallery with others and honor our best animal friends.

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