These 20 Celebrities’ Yearbook Photos Are Hilarious… And Kinda Weird. LOL, Ryan Seacrest…

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Looking back through old high school yearbooks is wonderful entertainment. You can laugh at the fads, the friends and the terrible hair decisions everyone seemed to make in the 80s and early 90s. What’s even better than looking at your old yearbook photos? Checking out what celebrities looked like back in the day. As it turns out, some of your favorite celebrities were little dweebs. And some (I’m looking at you Angelina) were as beautiful as ever.

1.) Jamie Lee Fox – a hair product addict

2.) Ryan Seacrest – “You’ll grow into it.”

3.) Sarah Jessica Parker – looks too innocent to have a show about sex in cities

4.) Stephen Colbert – reporting on being awesome

5.) Miley Cyrus – always a sucker for posing

6.) Tina Fey – before she was bossypants

7.) Adam Sandler – perfecting the Jew ‘fro

8.) Kanye West – NERD

9.) Ellen Degeneres – before she snagged her hot wife

10.) Eminem – before he was hardcore

11.) Winona Ryder – the girl who invented being goth

12.) James Franco – of the adorable Franco clan

13.) Steve Carrell – this hunk would never be a 40 year-old virgin

14.) Angelina Jolie – already too beautiful for her own good

15.) Helen Mirren – before she realized that she would be beautiful for decades

16.) Steve Jobs – he didn’t realize he’d change the world

17.) Tyra Banks – she already knew how to smile with her eyes

18.) Carrie Fisher – help us Carrie Fisher, you’re a nerd’s only hope

19.) Russell Brand – before transforming into a manwhore

20.) Seth Rogen & James Franco – adorable BFFs from the beginning

(H/T Elite Daily) Seeing these famous people as children (or at least younger) makes you realize how they all started out just like us. They used to be scrawny, awkward, short and silly. Anyone can become successful with enough drive and motivation. Even awkward Tina Fey grew up to be a beautiful, brilliant (and still hilariously awkward) writer, comedian and business woman. There’s always hope! Share these funny celebrity yearbook photos with others. Let people know that even A-listers started out just like us.

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