These 20 Brutally Honest Wikipedia Entries Are Both Hilarious And True. That 2nd One… Yep.

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The internet is full of all kinds of hilarious sites, one of those is TL;DR Wikipedia (Too Long; Didn’t Read Wikipedia), a picture blog on Tumblr that tells you exactly what things are, with no lies, and in short and easy sentences. The site is basically about condensing Wikipedia entries into short and humorous explanations, 20 of which you can see here below:

1) Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

2) Latte

3) Signature

4) Che Guevara

5) Exclamation Point

6) Mirror

7) Conference Call

8) Ringo Starr

9) Pompeii

10) Toilet

11) Soul Patch

12) Sweatpants

13) Résumé

14) Tequila

15) Greece

16) Sphinx

17) Yoga Pants

18) April Fool’s Day

19) DJ

20) Beverage Coaster

Now that we have these, who really even needs Wikipedia? Source: TL;DR Wikipedia Share these hilarious and brutally honest Wikipedia entries with your friends below.

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