These 19 Creative Food Ads Will Make You Hungry. So Very Hungry.

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Most of us think we’re not influenced by advertising, especially food advertising. “I don’t need an ad to tell me what and when to eat,” you may think. There is, however, something to be said for the ascetics of convincing food advertising. Designers toil for months and sometimes years getting everything just right. They work so hard because they want you to become hungry the instant you see their ad. I dare you to look at these 19 beautiful food ads and not be hungry by the end.

1.) McDonald’s ad. The sandwich for experts.

2.) True, and delicious.

3.) I hate it when that happens.

4.) What a hunk.

5.) Organic products FTW.

6.) German ad for Burger King.

7.) So realistic it even fools bees.

8.) Love this concept.

9.) This makes me actually want to eat an onion bagel.

10.) Clever clever.

11.) Excellent use of the napkin.

12.) I don’t really know what’s going on here, but I dig it.

13.) Nostalgic and delicious.

14.) This might actually get me to eat a veggie burger. Maybe. Probably not, but it’s cool at least.

15.) It’s like the toast is already buttered.

16.) I wonder what that feels like.

17.) Sign me up, where’s the ice cream?

18.) WTF? Seriously.

19.) There is nothing cozier than a bowl of soup.

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