The Voice Of The NHL Is Going Crazy During The Lockout

1. Before I get into why Don Cherry is losing his mind, I should preface it by saying: Don Cherry dresses like this. On a regular basis.

Claus Andersen / Getty Images

So the question of whether he has lost his mind or not might be moot; it’s entirely possible that he’d lost it long ago. HOWEVER, this story that he just told on Twitter is pretty loony and hilarious and certainly lends credence to the belief that the lockout has driven him insane.

Kind of surprising in hindsight that no Seinfeld episode ever featured the line, “What’s the deal with phone messages?” Anyway, Don Cherry’s the man. Also, he recognizes that he might sound a little wacky.

13. THIS JUST IN: we have exclusive footage of Don Cherry AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

14. Just kidding. Shine on, you crazy pinstriped opal.

Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

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