The Ten Most Convincing Screen Tests Of All Time

10. Lindsay Lohan – “The Parent Trap”

Oh, this is sad.

9. Steve Carrell – “Anchorman”


8. Mark Hamill – “Star Wars”

Is this more convincing than he is in the actual films?

7. Hugh Laurie – “House”

It’s hard to believe this role wasn’t written just for him.

6. Rachel McAdams – “The Notebook”

Girl can cry. Bonus off-screen Gosling.

5. Phil Hartman – “Saturday Night Live”

Caution, genius at work… R.I.P., Phil.

4. Daniel Radcliffe (with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint) – “Harry Potter”

Thank goodness they grew up just as cute.

3. Natalie Portman – “The Professional”

It’s hard to imagine this role played by anyone else.

2. James Dean and Lois Smith – “East of Eden”

No words are spoken and yet Dean exudes a metric ton of raw charisma.

1. Henry Thomas – “E.T.”

Henry Thomas is so convincingly depressed that E.T. is being taken away from him that this audition makes me cry even more than the movie. It’s believed that’s Steven Spielberg at the end saying “Okay kid, you got the job!”

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