The Science Of Jello Shots Leads The Daily Links

Don’t get too tipsy before reading this: It’s the science of jello shots. – [Serious Eats]

It turns out Super Mario has a secret: Read about this shocking detail from the 8-bit legend’s past. – [RocketNews24]

Red is sooo last February: Buck tradition and try one of these 22 awesome rule-breaking V-Day dresses. – [Refinery29]

Want to see inside the soul of someone you’re dating? According to this dating expert, the truth lies in their FRIDGE. – [The Cut]

Don’t get lost next time you surf the web, just consult this handy map of the entire internet. – [Fast Company]

Gregory Bull / AP

Come on, Denver, it’s just a game! According to Pornhub data, the city’s porn traffic exploded last night after the Broncos got crushed in the Super Bowl. – [Guyism]

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