The Physics Professor Who Stripped In Class Leads The Afternoon Links

1. A Columbia physics professor may or may not have lost his mind today.

Image by Bwog courtesy of The Atlantic Wire

Ninja swords and underwear and 9/11 at The Atlantic Wire.

2. Want to learn how to give the most powerful handshake in the world?

Image by EDHAR courtesy of Shutterstock

Of course you do. Lessons at The Week.


Read all about dog-naming trends through the ages at mental_floss.

4. Yoko Ono turns HOW old today?

Arne Dedert / AP

You’ll probably be surprised by Popdust’s answer. (And happy birthday, Yoko!)

5. This basketball player is karate-kicking that basketball player in the face, ‘Street Fighter’ style.

Image by @pnseiler_29 courtesy of Lost Lettermen

Story at Lost Lettermen.

6. So Thom Yorke’s Reddit AMA was apparently pretty cryptic. Shocking!

John Shearer / Getty Images

Get the weird highlights at Death and Taxes.

7. Thanks to ‘Lincoln,’ Mississippi has finally outlawed slavery.

Image courtesy of FilmDrunk; insert image courtesy of the Clarion Ledger

You read that right. More at FilmDrunk.

8. This is a proposed solar-powered Death Star for blasting asteroids with lasers.

Image by Philip M. Lubin and Gary B. Hughes courtesy of Treehugger

Read all about our future last line of defense at Treehugger.

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