The Only Super Bowl Commercials Worth Watching

1. The Doritos time machine:

2. McDonald’s bad lip reading:

3. Bud Light’s epic night out:

4. Toyota’s very Muppet road trip:

5. Coca-Cola’s multilingual “It’s Beautiful”:

6. Audi’s terrifying and hilarious Doberhuahua rampage:

7. Goldieblox’s empowering sing-a-long:

8. T-Mobile and Tim Tebow getting rid of their contracts:

9. Budweiser’s beautiful parade for a veteran returning home:

10. And Budweiser’s equally heartwarming puppy adoption:

11. Honda’s weird hug:

12. Oikos’ Full House reunion:

13. Newcastle getting meta with Anna Kendrick:

14. Squarespace’s internet IRL:

15. Maserati’s tribute to Beasts of the Southern Wild:

16. Microsoft’s inspiring look at how far technology has come:

17. Chrysler’s Bob Dylan cameo:

18. Jaguar’s crew of British bad guys:

19. The return of the adorable Cheerios family:

20. And RadioShack managed to round up every pop culture figure from the ’80s:

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