The Official Ranking Of The 17 Hottest Catholic Men In Hollywood

We PRAY to meet them all. Well, mainly the top seven.

17. Mickey Rourke.

Mickey Rourke.

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Tommaso Boddi / WireImage

YES, he is on this list. He talks to his priest as often as possible and credits his commitment to Roman Catholicism with saving him from his past demons. All hail Mickey!

16. Sylvester Stallone.

Sylvester Stallone.

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Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Didn’t know Rocky was religious? Well, there you go. Sly.

15. Martin Sheen.

Martin Sheen.

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Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Silver fox? (Maybe?) Either way Martin is another star who credits his faith with saving him and he’s totally being included.

14. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Well, he is the original muscle man so this Roman Catholic is well and truly on this rundown.

13. Kevin James.

Kevin James.

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Robin Marchant / Getty Images

Funny guys are HOT. And we just love Kevin <3.

12. Neal McDonough.

Neal McDonough.

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David Livingston / Getty Images

Nothing Desperate about this Housewives star. It’s that cheeky smile!

11. Jay Mohr.

Jay Mohr.

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Ethan Miller / Getty Images

A Catholic guy that makes you laugh? HUGE tick.

10. Alec Baldwin.

Alec Baldwin.

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Evan Agostini/Invision / AP, File

Yeah, you just carry on smiling, Alec.

9. Steve Carrell.

Steve Carrell.

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Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images

Is Catholicism a secret word for incredibly hilarious and cute men?

8. Mel Gibson.

Mel Gibson.

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Jason Merritt / Getty Images

We’re just going to leave this one here without comment.

7. Chris O’Donnell.

Chris O'Donnell.

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Eugene Gologursky / Getty Images

He can be our Robin any day!

6. David Boreanaz.

David Boreanaz.

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Chris Weeks / Getty Images for DIRECTV

Raised Catholic and he plays a Catholic FBI agent in Bones, and yeah he may not be much of a practicing Catholic nowadays, but he’s cute. He’s in!

5. Mark Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg.

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Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Catholicism turned his life around and we’re SO happy about that. WE LOVE HIM.

4. Josh Duhamel.

Josh Duhamel.

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Jason Merritt / Getty Images for Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts

Josh and his wife Fergie are quite possibly the most adorable Catholic couple around.

3. Gerard Butler.

Gerard Butler.

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Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

Just picture him in 300 and forever smile.

2. George Clooney.

George Clooney.

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Benoit Tessier / Reuters

Imagine little George as a child altar boy. THIS HAPPENED. Gorgeous George is one of our favourites.

1. Bradley Cooper.

Bradley Cooper.

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Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Bradley, oh Bradley. He prays daily, and we pray to come into contact with him if just for a nano second. The blue eyes… need we say more? AMEN.

The Official Ranking Of The 17 Hottest Catholic Men In Hollywood

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