The “Luther” Movie Is Probably Going To Happen

1. Idris Elba’s maverick cop drama is definitely finished on TV after the shocking events of series three.

Getty / Jeff Schear

This was always the plan. But fans who had hoped for a movie look like they will get their wish. Speaking at the Edinburgh TV festival, writer Neil Cross said that has written a script and hopes to get funding to get it made in 2014. As has long been rumoured, the film will be a prequel.

“I’ve written the script and we hope to get the film made next year. Idris is a brilliant leading man and we’ve hoped to turn Luther into a movie for a long time. It will follow his career in the early days, when he is still married to Zoe, and the final scene in the film is the first of the initial TV series.”

3. The prequel would allow them to bring back all the dead characters.


Luther had a high body count, with sidekick Justin Ripley, colleague Ian Reed and wife Zoe all meeting grisly ends. But the enigmatic Alice Morgan would not feature in the story by that point. The good news is that rising Hollywood star Elba is up for it. This is what he told the BBC in 2011.

“That’s where the ultimate Luther story will unfold, is in the big silver screen — London as a huge backdrop and a very menacing, horrible character to play against.”

5. Before that, he can be seen as Nelson Mandela in Long Walk To Freedom.

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