The 51 Most Powerful Pinners In The World

1. Joy Cho: 6,730,852 followers

She pins about pretty much everything cute and pinterest-y: tiny donuts, glitter utensils and girly typography.

2. Jane Wang: 5,424,187 followers

The chinstrapped penguin is a pretty eclectic pinner, with lots of traditional Japanese dishes and articles about DNA structure. She’s also the mom of co-founder Ben Silbermann — who would be on this list if he hadn’t nuked his account a few months back.

3. Bonnie Tsang: 4,283,883 followers

Mostly architecture and interior design pins from Bonnie, but also lots of overlap with #1 pinner Joy Cho. Tiny donuts round two!

4. Bekka Palmer: 4,231,352 followers

The Brooklynite keeps it clean and simple, mostly pins photographs of friends and vintage finds.

5. Maryann Rizzo: 4,106,690 followers

She’s pinned iron gates, the Giza Pyramids and cheesy broccoli orzo. I have no idea how Pinterest works.

6. Cathie Hong: 4,085,930 followers

Boots, boots, and more boots. Oh and porcelain potted things you can hang from your walls that kind of look like a giant dinosaur eggs with a strap.

7. Harper’s Bazaar: 3,446,799 followers

8. Molly Pickering: 3,354,708 followers

Lots of inspirational quotations — not sure how you buy those.

9. Christine Martinez: 3,101,397

Cool patterns, flowing skirts and FOOD finally.

10. pejper: 3,069,350 followers

11. Michael Wurm, Jr. : 3,051,312 followers

Things from Sweden not from Ikea.


12. Luiza _ : 2,971,764 followers

DIY dried flower, scarves, nail polish — you name it, Luiza’s pinned it.

13. Sha Hwang: 2,898,730 followers

Science and tech articles, with 50+ comments. Pinterest does words!

14. Mike D: 2,844,900 followers

Pinterest for dudes!

15. Jan of Poppytalk: 2,726,583 followers

How to be really freaking organized.

16. v e a n a d: 2,663,651 followers

Black and white babes

17. HonestlyWTF: 2,615,154 followers

Staying true to WTF with cotton candy hairstyles and pink crystals.

18. Stephanie Brinkerhoff: 2,486,041 followers

BRAIDS. It was only a matter of time before a top pinner was a hair braid-enthusiast.

19. Beauty Bets | Elizabeth Dehn: 2,484,675 followers

Make-up, nail polish, beauty products — heavy on the pink/reds!

20. Jessica Comingore: 2,458,990 followers

21. Helle ▲▲▼▲▲: 2,450,496 followers

This egg pins some pretty weird stuff, like smoke and blacked out windows. I don’t know many eggs on Twitter with over two million followers though.

22. Evan Sharp: 2,435,080 followers

The Pinterest co-founder and former architect pins mostly about (not surprisingly) architecture.

23. Jennifer Crighton: 2,433,531 followers