The 50 Most ’90s Things That Have Ever Happened

1. Will Smith playing Nintendo on a zebra rug while wearing a backwards hat and sitting next to a Mariah Carey CD:

More ’90s than wishing you had Hey Arnold’s bedroom.

2. Kenan Thompson casually posing with two kids in Pokémon shirts:

More ’90s than taking a bath in Kel’s orange soda.

3. Austin Powers asking you to get your daily dose of calcium:

More ’90s than having the recorder be the only instrument you ever learned… in elementary school.

4. NSYNC dressed…like…this:

More ’90s than the delicious smell of a koosh ball.

5. Marilyn Manson and Will Smith becoming best friends:

More ’90s than building your own Leaning Tower Of Cheeza.

6. This scene from Clarissa Explains It All:

More ’90s than physically choking on a choker necklace.

7. And this scene from 90210:

More ’90s than having your biggest life accomplishment be getting slimed on live television.

8. Alicia Silverstone wearing way too much Happy Gilmore swag despite having nothing to do with the movie:

Ron Galella / Getty

More ’90s than buying a little golden book at a book fair.

9. The video guide to Windows 95, and video guides in general:

More ’90s than turning your TV remote into a battlebot.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio holding a swan:

More ’90s than using a light up sneakers as a flash light.

11. Michael Jordan hanging out with Kid ‘n Play, Will Smith, and DJ Jazzy Jeff:

More ’90s than Alex Mack’s backwards hat.

12. Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling kickin’ back and relaxing:

More ’90s than the first time you saw someone conquer the Agro Crag.

13. Keanu Reeves pondering all of life’s little mysteries:

More ’90s than Judie Funny’s beret.

14. Sean from Boy Meets World casually posing with wild animals:

More ’90s than Amanda’s Jacuzzi.

15. This journal entry:

More ’90s than a bowl of Dinosaur Egg oatmeal.

16. Justin Timberlake wondering how he got underneath a waterfall:

More ’90s than yelling chicka chicka boom boom at your mailman.

17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt begging for your forgiveness:

More ’90s than Prometheus (but not Bob).

18. This picture of two Mikes hanging out with Mac:

More ’90s than a fresh load of Zoo Books.

19. Will and Mariah sharing a middle school slow dance:

More ’90s than shark bite gummies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

20. This real Nickelodeon schedule:

More ’90s than crying your eyes out at the end of “Homeward Bound.”

21. Jerry and George having a pickup game with Bernie and Jeter:

NBC, 1996 / Via

More ’90s than bags of milk.

22. Robert Downey Jr. dressed as some sort of sexy robot trash alien:

Dave Allocca/DMI/Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

More ’90s than reading three Goosebumps books in one day.

23. Mark Wahlberg wearing some of the jortiest jorts I have ever seen:

More ’90s than getting a nasty rash from inflatable furniture.

24. Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman slingin’ milk:

More ’90s than plastic rollerskates.

25. Daniel Craig letting his locks flow:

More ’90s than smoking pretzel sticks.

26. NSYNC caressing Beanie Babies on the cover of a magazine:

More ’90s than actually thinking Beanie Babies would be worth something someday.

27. Shaq carrying Bill Gates to safety:

More ’90s than wishing you had a boxcar of your own.

28. This girl’s reaction to getting Pokémon Yellow for Christmas:

More ’90s than Skidamarink a-dinking all day long.

29. Milla Jovovich playing Super Mario Brothers:

More ’90s than thinking Beakman’s World was better than Bill Nye.

30. This lunchbox:

More ’90s than a the smell of a cap gun.

31. This weirdly proportioned Bulbasaur costume:

More ’90s than being terrified of Ms. Trunchbull.

32. Urkel storming by Will Smith and Reggie Miller for the uncontested layup:

More ’90s than talking with Smarterchild for four hours.

33. A Surge mix CD:

More ’90s than a Capri-Sun mix CD.

34. Kirsten Dunst reppin’ Jumanji:

More ’90s than getting high off Mr. Sketch markers.

35. JTT holding a Lion King poster one-third his size:


More ’90s than all your silverware being from McDonalds.

36. Nick Carter confessing his love to you and/or eating a rose:

More ’90s than balancing a bird on your finger.

37. Uncle Jesse’s POWERFUL mullet:

More ’90s than Pierre Escargot.

38. Joey Lawrence doing his best impression of a genie that’s also a waiter at Applebee’s:

More ’90s than a Flintstones gummies.

39. This cat living its goddamn dream:

More ’90s than hitting your friend in the eye with a sky dancer.

40. Every single time you went to one of these stores:

More ’90s than renting Goldeneye there.

41. Leonardo DiCaprio sullenly sipping a milkshake:

More ’90s than having an intense hatred for Roger Klotz.

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