The 47 Absolute Greatest Dog GIFs Of 2013

1. These puppies whose tandem fall inspired a million awws.

2. This roving roomba villain who terrorized a nation.

3. This dog who braved the ferocious attention of her adoring fans.

4. This dog who bumped it pretty hard in his imaginary club.

5. This loyal dog who refused to let the love of his life get away.

6. This dog who proved to be the most masterful at hide-and-seek.

7. This dog who was more surprised than anything else this whole year.

8. This dog who endured minutes of agonizing comfort between the couch cushions.

9. And this pug whose cry for help rung from coast to coast.

10. This dog who fought the most valiant fight with this villainous bowl.

11. And this dog who’s probably still fighting this valiant fight with this villainous shadow.

12. This dog who portrayed the most flawless Mario.

13. This dog whose brave dance-floor moves inspired a musical revolution.

14. This puppy whose athletic skills shone far and bright.

15. This puppy whose bravery overcame insurmountable odds.

16. This high dog who swam for his life.

17. This pug who saw something — SOMETHING — that none of us will ever believe.

18. This dog whose excitement about the morning paper was more important than any news that day.

19. This treadmilling puppy and her dad.

20. This dog who was epically chill.

21. And this dog who was epically NOT chill.

22. This dog who was horrifically confused by this disruption in his day.

23. This dog whose anger over this pitch could not be stopped.

24. This dog who snuck up on all of us.

25. This corgi who still hasn’t escaped.

26. This dog with the slowest reflexes of all time.

27. This excited dog who could not contain himself AT ALL.

28. This dog whose twerking inspired a movement.

29. This awkward dog who could not handle this tiny piece of food.

30. This dog who really needed this man to step off.

31. This dog who proved you can never be too wound up.

32. This corgi who could not stop his excitement for this ball.

33. This scootering dog.

34. This dog who taught us about enduring the worst of friends.

35. This dog who taught us about showing our grumpy friends some love.

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