The 32 Smartest People On YouTube

1. This guy who recognizes his limitations:

2. This Pitbull fan:

3. This guy trying his best not to sound racist:

4. The person who sees through BieberGurl’s facade:

5. This enterprising young man:

6. This mustache-symmetry expert:

7. This insanely talented cat who meow meow meow:

8. This onion sympathizer:

9. This land shark protector:

10. This jealous pedophile:

11. This Battleship master:

12. This mathematician:

13. This guy who got lost somewhere along the way:

14. This theoretical physicist:

15. This guy who can take on any girlfriend:

16. This totally logical baker’s assistant:

17. This bottle hunter:

18. This nervous orange eater:

19. This expert thumb spotter:

20. This skeptical giant hunter:

21. This man who is confused about his sexuality:

22. This guy who narrowly avoided disaster:

23. This guy with deep shame issues:

24. This ’90s rap/physics enthusiast:

25. This hopeful dad:

26. These two types of YouTube commenters:

27. This appreciator of nature’s majesty:

28. This guy who understands how human hair growth works:

29. This guy who doesn’t understand the appeal of a really great weather update:

30. This fan of Chris Cornell’s penis:

31. This guy who should be a script supervisor at Disney:

32. This dog expert:

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