The 23 Best Runway Looks From This Season’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

With this show? Hell yes. Over 100 looks have walked the Drag Race runway this season; after careful consideration (and copious white wine), here’s twenty-three of the finest.

The countdown begins now — all T, all shade.

See, we haven’t even started and RuPaul is gagging.

(A quick, conciliatory note: Ru’s runway looks will not be included, because what would be the fun in their landing all top ten spots?)

23. Jinkx Monsoon, “Scent Of A Drag Queen”

Less Jinkx, more minkx.

22. Jade Jolie, “Draggle Rock”

Most of Jade’s runway looks looked like she’d found the crackpipe at the end of the rainbow, but (just once) she kept things simple and pretty in pink.

21. Alyssa Edwards, “Can I Get An Amen?”

Pucci Mama and proud of it.

20. Ivy Winters, “Snatch Game”

Fishy realness! A runway look that reeled in the judges…. hook, line and sinker.

(Twice the Ivy… but still not very interesting.)

19. Lineysha Sparx, “RuPaullywood Or Bust”

Yes, that’s a shoe in her hair. And yes, it looks fabulous.

Notably, Santino described this look as “so Balenciaga.” We’re not here to read his knowledge of fashion history, so let’s assume (read: hope) he’s referring to Drag Race season three alum Mariah Balenciaga’s aesthetic — because this couldn’t look much further from a Ghesquière design.

18. Alaska, “Sugar Ball”

The sugar high of the final four’s runway pageant extravaganza. (Bonus points for making a ratty pink wig look well-intentioned.)

17. Honey Mahogany, “Draggle Rock”

Really, this look is here because of RuPaul’s hilarious “Bed, Bath and Beyoncé” critique.

(Although Honey got a raw deal this season.)

16. Detox, “Lip Synch Extravaganza Eleganza”

The wicked witch of West Hollywood, perhaps — just minus the green body paint.

Case in point, another RuPaul critique: “how many black cocks had to die to make this dress?”

15. Coco Montrese, “Snatch Game”

Of the many occasions Coco deserved to lipsync, this wasn’t one. But who doesn’t want to see her performing “Stupid Hoe” in this Minaj-estic get-up?

14. Alyssa Edwards, “Draggle Rock”

Pretty sure Alyssa played this role to perfection in an early episode of My Super Sweet 16.

That pout means business.

Also, this pout.


13. Detox, “Drama Queens”

Making the runway her piñata: i.e. smashing the shit out of it.

12. Alyssa Edwards, “Scent of a Drag Queen”

Just put this 80s power bitch in a soap opera and let her fight it out with someone. Now.

11. Jinkx Monsoon, “Draggle Rock”

High camp courtesan, which would be higher on the list had Jinkx painted her nose better.

10. Detox, “Black Swan: Why It Gotta Be Black?”

Love hotel silk bedsheet couture — with an emphasis on the couture.

(Emphasis also on the “love hotel” part, if you know what I mean.)

9. Roxxxy Andrews, “The Final Three, Hunty”

The pattern on that stunning “sequinsed” gown: tears of a pageant queen whose stank attitude will have cost her the crown.

8. Lineysha Sparx, “Snatch Game”

Nonchalant “I left my other black lace stocking back in Puerto Rico” realness.

(In other words, when you know you’re lipsyncing, break out your finest look.)

7. Alyssa Edwards, “Black Swan: Why It Gotta Be Black?”

I mean this is just fabulous.

Look at that campy little top hat. And love it.

6. Alaska, “RuPaullywood or Bust”

A trashtastic look that perfectly sums up the best of Alaska’s aesthetic.

A trashtastic look that perfectly sums up the best of Alaska's aesthetic.

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