The 23 Absolute Worst Things About Midterms

1. They sneak up on you.

2. And they’re impossible to prep for because you’ve been busy getting settled into a new semester.


3. They’re never actually in the middle of the term.

4. On the contrary, they start three weeks into the term and end just in time for finals.

5. Since they aren’t all at once, you or one of your friends is always out of commission.

6. So making plans and going out are impossible.

7. They make you hate your professors, even if they’re perfectly nice people otherwise.

8. They make everyone on campus incapable of talking about anything aside from stress.

9. Even though this is the only choice anyone has:

10. They ruin sunrises for you.

11. Seriously, it feels as though the world is conspiring to keep you from sleeping.

12. The library becomes the hippest spot on campus.

13. You get fat from all the study-snacking.

14. And you get jittery from all the caffeine.

15. There’s always that one lucky* kid who gloats about not having any midterms, making you miserable.


16. No matter how hard you try to manage your time, you end up cramming in the last minute.

17. Professors somehow read each others minds and make everything due all at once, which makes you want to die.

18. Your personal hygiene falls to the wayside.


19. And you lose interest in the things you used to love.

20. You start taking your aggression out on your friends and family.


21. You start questioning the value of higher education in its entirety.

22. But only briefly, because there’s studying to be done.


23. And by “studying,” I mean procrastinating and then hating yourself for it.

Sooo good luck!

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