The 15 Funniest Horror Films

1. “Jennifer’s Body”

20th Century Fox

Diablo Cody’s highly underrated follow-up to Juno confounded critics who somehow didn’t appreciate the perfect balance of snark and blood. It’s a hilarious, terrifying look at high school. After all, Hell is a teenage girl.

2. “Evil Dead II”

In some ways, Evil Dead II is a rehash of the original Evil Dead — but more morbidly silly. This is the film that really helped Bruce Campbell flex his horror comedy chops. And it set the stage for the even more absurd Army of Darkness.

3. “Dead Alive”

Also known as Braindead, Dead Alive made zombies funny long before Warm Bodies. Peter Jackson’s gorefest is very much his sensibility (read: distinctly New Zealand). You’ll laugh if you can stomach it.

4. “Fright Night”

Columbia Pictures

The Fright Night remake was a lot of fun, but the original is a classic. Well, a classic by ’80s standards. A vampire named Jerry, “Evil” Ed (who went on to do gay porn), and Roddy McDowall — it doesn’t get any better.

5. “Gremlins 2: The New Batch”

Warner Bros.

It’s not as though the first Gremlins took itself all that seriously, but there was something special about the sequel. It’s pretty damn cartoonish, which just makes it more fun. Gremlins are a real threat, yes, but there’s no denying they’re ridiculous.

6. “Idle Hands”

Columbia Pictures

Good? Maybe not. But Idle Hands, which was a flop when it was released, has earned its cult hit status. It’s gross and weird and very ’90s, the perfect combination for stoned hipsters in college dorms everywhere.

7. “Zombieland”

Columbia Pictures

Truly one of the funniest, scariest movies on this list, Zombieland made no compromises on either count. It’s that perfect blend of dark and lighthearted, and it includes one of the greatest Bill Murray sequences in any movie, ever.

8. “Teeth”

Roadside Attractions

Teeth isn’t just darkly funny — it’s brilliant. The film is a comment on the way we view female sexuality, and yes, to many men, there’s nothing scarier. In this instance, Dawn’s vagina has a ravenous appetite, and boys can’t seem to leave it alone.

9. “Piranha 3D”

Dimension Films

Piranhas are inherently terrifying, which gave Piranha 3D a leg up. The whole movie is over-the-top and silly but still cringeworthy. It’s gross and offers the occasional moment of genuine suspense. But also, it’s Spring Breakers with killer fish.

10. “The Lost Boys”

Warner Bros.

More horror than comedy, The Lost Boys is mostly funny because of its ’80s aesthetic and laughable vampire rules. (Sunglasses for light sensitivity? Yeah, OK.) At the same time, it’s a unique spin on the genre that proved majorly influential.

11. “Blood Feast”

Blood Feast began the splatter film genre: these movies aren’t always funny, but the gore is so extreme, relentless, and fake that you can’t help but laugh. And with a character named Fuad Ramses, this one’s extra hilarious.

12. “Hatchet II”

Dark Sky Films

Here’s another sequel that injects more humor into the franchise. Hatchet II is truly disgusting — it takes the slasher genre to its limit, but its brutality is almost slapstick. You half expect Hatchet’s victims to get up after their heads are ripped off.

13. “Slither”

Universal Pictures

Filmmaker James Gunn is adept at making you squirm and giggle at the same time. But while Super was uncomfortably dark, Slither is merely unpleasant. At the same time, it’s goofball enough to entertain true horror comedy fans.

14. “Killer Klowns From Outer Space”

Now here’s a movie that’s a lot scarier than it has any right to be. The reason for that: clowns. They’re just really unsettling, even when the film in question is total silliness. Just try to look into Jumbo’s eager eyes.

15. “The Stuff”

Anchor Bay Entertainment

Larry Cohen is the master of schlock, and The Stuff remains one of his finest achievements. This is a movie about edible white goo that ends up possessing people who eat it, and yet, it’s still kind of scary.

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