The 15 Funniest Celebrity Impressions Of Other Celebrities Lead The Daily Links

When celebs spoof other celebs, hilarity pretty much ensues. – [Crushable]

Ever wanted to get drunk in space? For just $75,000, you’ll soon be able to blast off in your very own luxury space capsule, complete with fully stocked bar! – [Geeks are Sexy]

It’s always great to see a “fail” become a “win”: Here are 8 red carpet looks that were once hated, but now look awesome. – [Refinery29]

Kids, cover your ears: According to reports, old people have discovered sexting. – [BetaBeat]

If a soccer hooligan punches another soccer hooligan, that’s one thing. But if you punch a horse, you’re going to jail, pal. – [Newser]

Yeko Photo Studio

Here’s a new beauty tip you probably never thought of: BATHING IN WINE. – [xoJane]

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