The 11 Most Perplexing Dubstep Tattoos

1. The “Secular Religion of Bass Dropping”

The original doctrine goes something like “And God gave to man a dominion over the inferior creatures,” so, like, is this dude insinuating that dubstep is better than everything else? I think he is. Also note the location of said ink. Bro.

2. The “Skrillex Knuckle Branding”

Who’s your master?

3. The “Drunk Skrillex”

I imagine this guy was twerking while he got this, because how on earth did Skrillex get so elongated? This also kind of looks like he’s making a duckface and wearing those heinous 7th grade science class goggles.

4. The “Sensible Aoki”

In the world of rock bands, there are symbols. Symbols later in life you could fake meaning into if your love of an artist dies. In Steve Aoki’s world, there is only Aoki. But hey, there’s probably an acronym in there somewhere.

5. The “Only Viral Dubstep Tattoo to Ever Exist”

Remember this girl? The worst part is that this is a nice chest piece, sans the giant emblazoned “Skrillex.”

6. The “Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Dead”

Sex, drugs, and “no dad, Led Zeppelin is for old people.”

7. The “Bass Drop”

Simply stated life mantra. Modern day carpe diem.

8. The “Leave Nothing to the Imagination”

So, uh, what type of music do you think this guy likes?

9. The “Is This Poetry?”

At least no one will remember this reference in a couple years.

10. The “I’m a Real DJ I Promise”

Guys, a turntable arm. On an arm. Meta.

11. The “This Guy Is Going to Have to Live With This for the Rest of His Life”

Why get just one artist tattoo when you can cover your body with an entire Ultra Festival lineup? I’m just waiting for him to add tiny Red Bull logos.

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