Tesco Has An Inflatable Gay Man On Its Website

1. We’re pretty confident this is the weirdest thing on Tesco’s website.

We have a few… observations about this product.

2. Like, why is “gay” a swearword?

3. The product description reads like someone who’s gone mad after getting trapped in the chick lit section of Waterstones for three weeks.

4. Especially the bit about its “smiling, Gary Lineker-esque face”.

Nick Harvey / WireImage / Getty Images



5. The suggested age range is… um.

Oh god, everything they told us about the sinister gay conspiracy to indoctrinate our children was true.

6. Still, I’m convinced. I would definitely like to buy this inflatable g*y best friend.

Oh, boooooo.

10. Although Tesco seem to have a slightly different definition of “removed from our website” to everyone else.

And that thing where “gay” is a swearword is still pretty weird, guys.

12. But in case you’re sad that you can’t buy an inflatable gay best friend any more… don’t worry! Amazon still sell them.

Well, for the time being.

Hat-tips to Jules Mattsson and Felicity Morse.

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