Taken Out Of Context, These Vintage Comic Book Panels Are Wildly Homoerotic

The super addictive Tumblr Comically Vintage does a great job of showing us just how gay comics were before a gay character, like Kevin Keller, even started appearing in strips. Comically Vintage has collected thousands of panels from old comic books, ripped them from their storylines, and — as their tagline says — “Hilarity ensues.”

2. There are panels that are sweet:

6. Panels that show that moment of revelation:

Clearly she doesn’t know about Robin.

11. And then there are the panels that are downright raunchy:

15. There are those that deal with the difficult process of coming out:

Indeed. Maybe you are.

19. And of course, some panels that just make it clear that we can never use some words that way again.

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