Steps To Robbing A Fast-Food Joint According To Melissa McCarthy

1. First, pull up into the parking lot and slam car door like a baller.

Don’t forget to put on a greasy brown bag.

2. Also, wear your finest footwear, you need to look really fly while attempting said robbery.

Socks & crocs, y’all. Socks & crocs.

3. Make sure “Gangsta’s Paradise” is playing and dance in slow motion as your nearing the door.

There is nothing more intimidating than slow dancing.

4. Jump the counter swiftly, without fail. If you do fail, it’s fine. You’ve got nothing but time.

Try again until you’ve succeeded.

5. No need to steal money when you can steal pies. Make sure you ask for all the flavor options.

It’s okay to be choosey.

6. Double-check your bag of goods. It’s like Halloween, but better.

No toothbrushes involved.

7. Finally, leave without harming anyone and walk away. Feel free to enjoy your delicious dessert in the car.

8. Watch the hilarious trailer here!

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