Please, Ban These People From Ever Posting Online Again. You Have To See This…OMG.

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Even though we all have access to the Internet and social media, that doesn’t mean all of should be posting statuses or publicly declaring our opinion. After all, there are a great many of us that don’t have the mental capacity to understand how an escalator works. When you give everyone a soap box, they’re going to get up on it to shout some very, very, very stupid things.

1. Try to stop breathing next time.

2. … nope, probably not true.

3. It’s like Halloween isn’t on October 31st every year.

4. And then they promptly forgot.

5. It’s a lot less depressing when you spell it right.

6. You know, it’d be kind of funny if that’s what he was going for. I lake it.

7. Look before you selfie.

8. Stairs. They’re stairs that can sometimes move.

9. Airhead.

10. Erm, Americanism, I guess?

11. The possum bandit is my personal hero.

12. Hey, there are a lot of planets to keep track of.

13. No one ever correct her, because this is hilarious.

14.Yet this person has an office job.

15. I can’t even find words to describe how I feel about this.

16. Oh god, please say she wasn’t from the US.

17. Ah, nope, but… Korea is kind of like Germany if you think about their allegiance to the Axis powers were in WWII, right?

18. Go to a doctor.

19. She who is without duckface may cast the first stone.

20. This is officially the world’s most epic waste of time.

21. Oh movies. What have you done to us?


23. Someone might want to loop social services in on this one.

24. Solid advice.

You say it best when you say nothing at all, people. So, uh, stop.

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