People Are Still Born With These Bizarre And Rare Conditions. Will There Be A Cure?

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The world of medicinal science is better than its ever been, yet even today people are born with defects that mutate their bodies and alienate them from society. Doctors are still working on finding the cause and cure for them, but maybe the first step is just becoming aware of these defects and normalize their victims to your eyes.

Warning: some of these medical conditions are tragic, resulting in graphic images. 

1.) Elephantiasis: Extreme swelling of the skin that also produces and large, wart-like nodules.

2.) Craniopagus Parasiticus: The presence of an extra, parasitic head on one body that shares a brain with the primary one.

3.) Progeria Syndrome: This syndrome has similar symptoms to one growing old with age—loss of hair, wrinkles—except for they occur in young children.

4.) Ischiopagi: Also commonly known as ‘siamese twins’, this condition occurs when two fetuses fuse together and they share the same body.

5.) Aarskoge Syndrome: Wide set and ‘droopy’ eyes at an early age. It can also cause a child’s hand to only have a single crease in the palm of the hand.

6.) Sirenomelia: Also called ‘Mermaid Syndrome’, this occurs when two limbs are fused together.

7.) Ambras Syndrome: Abnormal growth of hair in regions where hair is not commonly found.

8.) Cyclopia: Deformation of the face that can cause children to have one eye or even no facial features at all.


It’s important to remember that people with these abnormalities didn’t choose them. They just want to be treated as people just like everyone else, and part of the way we can do that is become aware of their situation. So far, there is no cure or fix for these genetic conditions, but in the future there may be medical advances that can prevent these abnormalities.

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