People Are Not Happy With Jimmy Fallon’s “SNL” Sketch About Gay Ebenezer Scrooge

1. Jimmy Fallon returned to host SNL last night and the show had plenty of high moments, but a sketch called “Christmas Past” was not one of them.

2. The premise seemed innocuous enough: The Ghost of Christmas Past (Kenan Thompson) brought an elderly Scrooge (Taran Killam) to a party from his younger days.


3. Then, he saw a younger version of himself (played by Fallon), complete with a stereotypically gay high-pitched, lisping voice.






5. And things took a simultaneously vulgar and extra-clichéd turn.


What grosses a gay man out more than the euphemism for cat?

6. Soon, the truth came out (and so did the word “beefy”).


7. Scrooge’s self-fulfilling prophecy came true, because there’s no one grumpier than an old gay man.



8. Until…





9. He transformed from a stereotypically old, grumpy gay man into a stereotypically old, creepy gay man and the Ghost of Christmas Present became a stereotypically gold-digging, younger gay man.


10. The end.


11. Plenty of people were disappointed by the cliche-filled sketch.

20. Watch the full “Christmas Past” sketch here: / Via NBC

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